the new ATL system


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Dear customers , from April 2017 you can order your Virus paramotor , equipped with our new dynamic torque compensation system ATL ( Anti Torque lamellss) , or to order a set ATL lamells to upgrade your own paramotor. (for more - see the following photo)

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What is ATL system ? The principle of dynamic torque compensation at FLM & PPG is - using aerodynamic surfaces to produce a force close to , or identical with that of torque but with the opposite direction. ATL (Anti Torque Lamells) is radically different engineering solution than those currently applied . 

- ATL is set of aerodynamics lamells , who do not participate in the construction of the paramotor.
- ATL can be easily installed on paramotor safety net .
- ATL is a multi element system and allows settings in all necessary planes .
- by adding or removing elements can be achieved optimum torque compensation.
- via asymmetric positioning of the elements relative to the horizontal axis , can be optimized thrust vector at high speeds .
- via asymmetric positioning of the elements relative to the vertical axis , can be optimized the influence of gyroscopic precession.
- ... and last but not least - ATL is not a costly system .